Baton Simulations has recently been awarded the Eureka! Label from the European Community for a major co-innovation project with SAP in Germany.

We are pioneer in serious gaming with thousands of users from SAP customers worldwide such as Boeing, Camso, GE, Harley Davidson, IBM, L’Oréal, IBM, Toyota,  Whirlpool etc.

Acting as a flight simulator for SAP,  ERPsim™ is  a simulation engine that connects to a live SAP system and relies on virtual accelerated time to compute the resulting effects of every decision a manager makes . It is used to drive stakeholder adoption, kick start projects and showcase the latest SAP innovations.

Originally developed at HEC Montréal, ERPsim’s  learning approach, inspired by the videogame industry, is such that even users new to SAP rapidly master the system’s capabilities, their desire to win fueling their willingness to learn!

We believe that the future of software education lies in simulations and virtual reality environments that provide genuine engagement and help develop both IT and business competencies.” Guy Couillard, President and CEO of Baton Simulations

The upcoming ERPsim™ Single Player version will let SAP end-users learn in a virtual competitive environment without having to leave the office.

Stay Tuned for more news  on the ERPsim™ Single Player Simulation!