DAS – Digital Adoption Solution

Digital Adoption Solution (DAS), is a cloud-based suite of tools that support SAP users in training and production environments. Leveraging the latest SAP Fiori capabilities, DAS allows users to learn and collaborate directly in the real SAP. Say goodbye to off-line simulations and rapidly outdated documentation!

DAS goes beyond traditional online help. Easily configured algorithms monitor real-time SAP processes and trigger alerts and multimedia assistance relevant to the user's critical business tasks; an invaluable feature when dealing with rapid turnover and constant business change. Built-in screen sharing, chat/video and collaboration tools (including electronic sticky notes!) afford real-time collaboration and reduce end user support costs.

A plug and play SaaS architecture and simple content authoring tools make for rapid, cost-effective deployments. Setting up training environments, and keeping them up-to-date has never been easier. Automated translation of all text on the SAP screen is done in real-time, with editing and version control capabilities, critical to multi-country roll-outs.

Designed by SAP experts, DAS makes it possible to transport all support objects, or only a subset, from the training environment to the production system in minutes.



Features and Benefits

Integrate Additional Data Sources (ex. IoT) 

The Process and IoT viewer feature is a fast and easy way to bring external data sources, such as IoT services, other SAP Leonardo offerings, or external systems, to the Fiori launchpad, without having to build custom apps.

Scalable Design

Activate the DAS features you want to deploy. Only need multilingual translation or customized online help for a training environment? Not a problem, DAS features can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization, large or small.

Plug & Play Architecture

DAS is a true plug & play SaaS solution with no software download required for content authors or end users. Simple tools allow content authors to manage and review their documentation and help materials, and then deploy to various SAP Fiori systems, including custom cloud portals. Standard pricing includes hosting, no additional SCP subscription required. Rapidly evolving cloud solutions such as SAP ByDesign, SuccessFactors or Hybris may require testing before deployment, all possible with the Free Trial. DAS can also be deployed on private clouds or individual SCP accounts.

Enterprise Process Guidance to the User

Configure dynamic and interactive enterprise process overviews with visually stunning workflow diagrams. These process overviews can reflect real-time data from any SAP or non-SAP system, with on line help directly accessible from the process views. A unique solution for real-time process enablement and troubleshooting.

Smart Online Help and Tutorials

Quickly build customized online help and training content for any Fiori application, including portals. Create role-specific tutorials, lesson plans and surveys with simple tools. Once in production, contents can be easily updated by the users themselves. Unlike traditional enablement tools, DAS online help can be automatically triggered by system or process triggers, alerting and guiding users in real-time. This feature significantly reduces process and business execution risk.


DAS-Digital Adotion Solution - By Baton Simulations