ERPsim—the only business simulation that runs on live SAP

Make SAP come alive for your people

We built ERPsim so people can experience for themselves the power of SAP to transform their work and organisations. The “Aha!” moments created by ERPsim are the key to unlocking the value of your SAP investment and rapidly transforming your business processes.


When the benefits of SAP seem abstract and remote, traditional approaches of telling and showing are powerless. Only hands-on live experience gives people answers to their underlying questions:

  • What does it look like to see the impact of decisions in real time?
  • What does it feel like to collaborate like never before and watch silos disappear before our eyes?
  • How would our work change if we could do our jobs more easily, together?

Use ERPsim to

  • Maximise ROI of your SAP implementation
  • Build bridges to successful collaboration across your organization
  • Create excitement about the positive impact of end-to-end process integration
  • Demonstrate the power of SAP to model decisions in real time
  • Facilitate change and overcome resistance in your organisation
  • Educate users about business processes on the latest S/4HANA and Fiori user interfaces
  • Close SAP deals faster

SAP sales professionals and partners rely on ERPsim’s hands-on test drive to quickly communicate the value of SAP and close deals faster.

What customers are saying

How it works

Schedule your simulation, select a Certified Instructor, and choose up to 30 participants divided into teams of 3 or 4. Your instructor will prepare you for the event and explain the process

Who should participate?

  • Executives

    • To gain a deep appreciation of the value and integrated nature of SAP for their organization
    • Understand SAP from the end user perspective
    • Build a sponsor coalition
  • Project Teams

    • Understand the benefits of integration
    • Develop teamwork and improve motivation
    • Understand the functions of ERP before go-live
  • End Users

    • Understand of the power of SAP and increase user acceptance
    • Unleash the power of individuals to discover inefficiencies in the business cycle
  • New Employees

    • Develop a deep understanding of the enterprise system from the get-go
    • Instill commitment and loyalty to the organization
  • IT Professionals

    • Broaden their functional understanding
    • Engage with users from a business perspective
    • Use ERPsim as a dynamic sandbox

Simulations for your application & industry sector

With simulation scenarios for distribution, manufacturing, and the public sector, you can select and tailor a simulation to meet the collaboration and learning needs of your team.




now available on latest SAP S/4HANA

ERPWater is a simple, dynamic introduction to SAP that can be completed in under 3 hours. Using small set of transactions and reports, participants manage purchasing and sale of boutique bottled water products in a volatile market.

ERPWater is great for customers evaluating S/4HANA and for introducing SAP to new team members for for executives.



ERPsim™ Snacks – NEW!

Say au revoir to water bottles, ERPsim Snacks will be Baton’s new face for our distribution simulation. Still leveraging the wonders of a live SAP system and empowering users with stimulating graphics and analytics, ERPsim Snacks is bound to impress and engage. Embraced the world over, our distribution simulation has successfully transformed how organizations promote and use the revolutionary Fiori interface.




Thousands of participants have played our flagship simulation, ERPMuesli.

Teams manage the full cash-cash cycle of a small manufacturing company, including planning, procurement, manufacturing, sales, marketing and finance. Packed with action and collaborative business decisions, ERPMuesli helps implementation teams, new users, and managers work as a team to develop operational excellence while using analytics to capture market share.

Choose a half-day or full-day session. The full-day version lets you tailor the simulation to your business processes.



Disaster Relief

How would your team respond to a natural disaster? Enable SAP users through Baton’s engaging and competitive ERP Public Sector scenario. Running entirely on a live SAP system, with stunning graphics and gameplay, ERP Public Sector allows players to experience the wonders of funds management while promoting collaboration and digital awareness within your organization. Do you have what it takes to save your community? Be your nation’s hero. Contact Baton for details.