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  • ERPsim™solutions provides your organization a unique selling advantage!
  • Shorten your Sales Cycles using ERPsim™!
  • WIN new engagements putting prospects “behind the wheel” using ERPsim™.
  • Experience SAP® S4/HANA with ERPsim™.
  • Expand using ERPsim™ in your training and Change Management offerings.
  • Offer a new ERP experience to your clients.

Join Our Reseller, Development or Delivery Network Partner Programs

Our Partner Ramp-Up Program Offers:

  • Ramp-up sales with ERPsim™ Sales Enablement.
  • Ramp-up Sales Support to accelerate success.
  • Ramp-up Trainers with ERPsim™ Train-the-Trainer.
  • Ramp-up Training Delivery with an Baton Simulations certified instructor.
  • Access to Sales, Trainer and Student materials.
  • Full access to our ERPsim™simulation platform for demos, practice and delivery.
  • Responsive technical support.

Reseller Partner Program

  • Learn how you can join a growing group of System Integrators, Training Companies and Change Management Consultancies bringing value to their clients during their ERP implementation engagements by re-selling and delivering ERPsim events.

Independent Delivery Network

  • Learn how you can join the growing roster of independent consultants certified to deliver ERPsim events.

Development Partner Program

  • Learn how we collaborate with organizations who have business software development capabilities to build ERPsim simulations. Do you have a concept for a new ERPsim simulation event? Do you have expertise in developing simulations on business software?

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