Help your customers neutralize their fears

SAP S/4HANA and enterprise software in general is the ultimate complex sale. Each customer comprises multiple buyers with a host of concerns. Knowing that digital transformation is a long, challenging, and costly journey, the concern they share is, “Will the rewards far outweigh the risks?”

With Baton, give your customers confidence to embark on digital transformation by powerfully conveying the business value of SAP ERP and process integration. Our proven solutions help them build and maintain momentum throughout their journeys, mitigating risks and maximizing ROI.

The secrets to success

ERPsim™, DAS, and DAS Language Localizer, are the secret ingredients of success in complex sales, relevant at each stage of a customer’s digital transformation journey:

  • Considering digital transformation and SAP ERP
  • Implementing SAP ERP as part of a digital transformation initiative
  • Upgrading to an intelligent SAP ERP system like SAP S/4HANA
  • Regaining momentum for a stalled implementation of SAP ERP or other enterprise software
  • Maintaining momentum for and accelerating adoption of ERP and other enterprise software

Communicate value with impact

Turn skeptics into true believers

With ERPsim, transcend the mundane show-and-tell of software sales by enabling customers to experience value for themselves. Baton’s business simulation run on live SAP S/4HANA, ERPsim pits teams against each other as they collaborate using intelligent SAP ERP and real-time analytics.

Help project champions sell internally

Give project champions effective tools to build momentum at any stage of the digital transformation journey. ERPsim uses DAS performance support and collaboration capabilities to enhance the SAP ERP user experience, helping champions sell digital transformation and SAP ERP internally.

Build a groundswell of engagement

DAS and DAS Language Localizer are for customers that need to accelerate adoption of enterprise software. DAS enhances the user experience, promotes sharing and collaboration, and guides people through complex processes. DAS Language Localizer boosts worldwide user engagement by radically simplifying and speeding language localization.

Enable customers to reduce risk and maximize ROI

Put them well on the way with key stakeholder buy-in and alignment

Enterprise software is a solution only if it is implemented well. For successful implementations, your customers need stakeholder buy-in, alignment, and active involvement. ERPsim powered by DAS is key to getting major players to see the same vision and align their teams and integrate processes accordingly.

Foster collaboration and speed adoption globally

Help your customers unlock the full value of enterprise software like S/4HANA with companion solutions like ERPsim, DAS, and DAS Language Localizer. By fostering collaboration at every level of a global organization and accelerating adoption, Baton’s solutions help your customers maximize ROI of their software investment and keep digital transformation on track.

Be a sales superstar

When your customers win, you win. Baton’s solutions should be the most-used tools in the sales toolkit of every ambitious sales person or account executive. The best way to shorten sales cycles is by accelerating buyer journeys. Communicate value quickly and effectively and give customers tools to support successful implementations, and you’ll have more wind in your sails to glide past sales targets.

Trusted to boost sales velocity and deliver value

Baton’s ERPsim is revolutionary in positively influencing the SAP sales cycle, for both existing and new customers, allowing for more positive sales outcomes and better customer engagement.

– Cristie Price
Organizational Change Management, Columbia Sportswear Company

We closed three deals in Q4 and one in Q1 2018 where ERPsim made a difference. The Q1 deal is the largest on-premise net new name [deal] ever closed in UKI Commercial sales.

– Derek Crawford
Presales Senior Specialist, SAP Ireland

DAS guides a user step by step through complete Fiori interactions to easily and quickly finish a business transaction or process. It makes S/4HANA and Fiori adoption seamless and effective.

– Frank Chang
Senior Solutions Director, Kellton Tech

DAS is an innovative and disruptive [technology] complement that engages business teams in their daily activities, guiding them between complex enterprise processes. Its fast implementation, the fact that it works on top of any web-based enterprise application without installation, and the embedded functions, are truly impressive.

Client testimonial

Discover the secret to success in enterprise software deals

Wherever your customers are in their digital transformation journeys, Baton is here to help.


as part of their digital transformation?

ERPsim helps customers align people and leverage SAP ERP from the start.


to build momentum for their digital transformation and SAP ERP implementation?

ERPsim helps customers exploit the full potential of SAP ERP and support change.


of enterprise software?

DAS helps customers accelerate adoption and foster communication and collaboration.


with an international rollout of SAP ERP or other enterprise software?

DAS Language Localizer helps customers go global easily, quickly, and without breaking the bank.

What’s next?

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Baton’s solutions in your portfolio

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