Software language localization reinvented

DAS Language Localizer helps you go global without breaking the bank

Baton’s DAS Language Localizer simplifies language localization of web-based enterprise software, eliminates language barriers, and accelerates adoption across international markets and organizations.

DAS Language Localizer is a real-time translation management solution for web-based software applications that makes them language accessible to users in multiple locations, quickly and with minimal effort. Whether you’re a software manufacturer localizing your products or an end-user organization rolling out software to global teams, DAS Language Localizer is indispensable for maximizing project ROI.


Go to market faster

DAS Language Localizer enables you to quickly and easily translate your web-based software, independent of its code, into local languages, accelerating new product introduction or software implementation and rollout worldwide.

Halve translation costs

DAS Language Localizer uses AI to shrink the cost of translation and translation management. Also, it automatically displays the local language in a user’s web browser without requiring you to change your code, eliminating the need for additional IT resources in language localization. 

Streamline workflow

DAS Language Localizer automatically performs the bulk of translation, leaving a minimal portion for human review. When you update or upgrade your software, DAS Language Localizer stores relevant changes in its translation memory and applies them where needed.


Translation Memory (TM)

DAS Language Localizer includes a central repository for storing all terms, in both source language and translated language. This TM boosts accuracy by creating a reliable reference that is updated after scans for new and stale content.

Easy implementation

The beauty of DAS Language Localizer is its independence from your software code. Because it works within web browsers, you can add local languages without ever touching your software.

Efficient workflow

DAS Language Localizer does the heavy lifting automatically and gives your software administrator accuracy ratings so they can home in on application-specific and context-dependent terms for quality assurance (QA).

Truly global coverage

Use DAS Language Localizer for all languages and alphabets, including South and East Asian languages and those written right to left (RTL) such as Arabic and Hebrew.

How it works

DAS Language Localizer works at the web-browser level, independent of your software code.

  • To implement it, choose from several basic and advanced translation engines, plus options for account setup and product configuration.
  • Integration can be via customer-side server-side embeddable string or customer-side reverse proxy.
  • To create the source-language repository, the customer resource (administrator) responsible for the translation ensures that all on-screen content (including help text) is captured in translation memory, and then simply reviews changes when software is updated or upgraded. Note that images and video are not captured by DAS Language Localizer.

Spending too much on software language localization?

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Also available within DAS

DAS Language Localizer is also available within DAS, Baton’s solution for maintaining momentum for digital transformation and accelerating adoption of enterprise software. DAS wows users and smooths the road to success, thanks to a wide range of powerful content authoring, performance support, and collaboration capabilities.