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It engages your people in a challenge that pits teams against each other to solve problems, motivating them to embrace ERP and buy into your digital transformation initiative.

ERPsim is a business simulation that runs on a live SAP ERP system. In a fast-paced environment, participants must optimize decisions by sharing information and collaborating using ERP. Participants gain more than just an appreciation of enterprise software—they also witness the impact on company performance of communicating and collaborating up- and downstream in an end-to-end process.

Learning hands on in a real system was priceless! We had super users right along with senior executives getting really into it. The competition was a fun component, but so was getting to see how SAP was a truly integrated system real time.

− Cristie L. Price, Organizational Change Management,
Columbia Sportswear Company



Telling people the value of ERP and end-to-end-process integration isn’t nearly as effective as inviting them to see for themselves. Participants collaborate to solve real-world business problems, learning to use the system in a realistic business environment.


ERPsim provides the ”Aha!” moments that make people support digital transformation and embrace enterprise software, especially in SAP S/4HANA implementation or upgrade.


Keep your initiative moving forward by having multiple teams participate as needed. Revitalize support for digital transformation by running ERPsim to help people understand why it matters.


Experiential learning

Guided realization

Each simulation concludes with a debrief in which participants reflect on their decision-making thinking and behavior and the impact on outcomes, with the help of the instructor. This vital process clarifies learning points that emerged during the simulation and helps participants, regardless of how they performed, understand the factors that determine performance.

Real-world problems

ERPsim leverages cognitive learning through experience. Participants solve real-world business problems in a safe environment that encourages them to experiment and learn from their successes and mistakes, individually and as a team.

SAP S/4HANA optimized

Live SAP S/4HANA with Fiori interface

All simulations are run on live SAP S/4HANA, with the Fiori interface. Whether your goal is to familiarize participants with process integration or showcase S/4HANA, nothing beats working in a live system with powerful real-time analytics to support informed decisions.

Performance support and collaboration using DAS

ERPsim leverages DAS, Baton’s solution for maintaining momentum for digital transformation and accelerating adoption of enterprise software. DAS revolutionizes the SAP Fiori interface with user performance support, business process visibility, and collaboration capabilities.

Full-service offering

Choice of simulations to suit your business application


For teams engaged in the purchase and sale of products


ERPWater is a dynamic introduction to ERP completed in under 3 hours. Using a select set of transactions and reports, participants manage purchasing and sales of bottled water products in a volatile market. This simulation is impactful with executives and end users in retail and distribution. 

ERPsim™ Snacks

The latest addition to the ERPsim lineup, ERPsim Snacks empowers users with rich analytics in the Fiori interface as they distribute healthy snacks. 


For teams integrating planning, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and finance


In this simulation proven with hundreds of organizations,  participants manage the cash-to-cash cycle of a manufacturing company, including planning, procurement, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and finance. To achieve optimal results in this fast-paced scenario, teams must collaborate using analytics to capture market share. Available as a half-day or full-day session. 


For teams managing public funds to address meaningful challenges and improve the lives of citizens

Disaster Relief

Experience funds and budget management, procurement, spending, and monitoring of your program effectiveness in a generic public sector process. Applicable to public sector organizations, universities, hospitals, and defense organizations as a half-day or full-day session.

Certified instructors

Choose from our elite cadre of Baton-certified ERPsim instructors around the world. Certified ERPsim instructors are knowledgeable and trained to help participants derive maximum benefit from our simulations by providing the right balance of guidance and freedom to experiment.

We never imagined that people could enjoy learning about SAP. Not only were we having fun, our people have gained tremendous insight into how SAP can help them run their entire business.

− Greg Taylor, UGL Limited

How it works

After you’ve scheduled a certified ERPsim instructor for your simulation, gather participants in a room and place them in teams of three or four.

  • Each participant must be equipped with a laptop to connect to the ERPsim interface via Wi-Fi during the simulation.
  • The simulation is divided into timed rounds in which each minute represents a day.
  • During each round, team members must collaborate using real-time SAP S/4HANA data and analytics to aid their decision making.
  • After the simulation is complete, the instructor leads a debrief session that solidifies and enhances the learning experience, turning “Aha!” moments into memorable lessons.

Need to build momentum for digital transformation?

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Use ERPsim with DAS and DAS Language Localizer

ERPsim leverages DAS, which plays a key role during fast-paced simulations in making SAP S/4HANA easier to understand and use.


DAS is also a powerful standalone solution that accelerates adoption of any web-based enterprise software in your digital transformation initiative.

DAS Language Localizer

If language localization of enterprise software is your priority, consider DAS Language Localizer to simplify the effort and reduce cost dramatically.